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Patient’s Review

Till date the best doctors I have met who actually explain what they are doing as a therapy. The ease of discussing the problem being talked with the doctor is commendable and I would highly recommend anyone for any sort of sports injuries or therapy to come here. You will definitely learn a lot about your own body and how to take good care of yourself. Keep up the great work. Regards

Aditya Goyal, Owner, Jacked Fitness

Every pain elimination and rehab is a blend of effective treatment, root cause finding and proper guidance. You may find such combination at any other place, but the most important aspect is the mental strength and self belief to be induced in the patient to overcome the negativity and have a superb rehab. The Physio is the place and the only place to be found for such virtue. The perfect combination of medical expertise, healthy bond, caring aspect and motivating place to be. Forever I will adjudge them to be the bestest place to be for rehab (ACL rehab).

Ujjawal Ranjan, Badminton player, IT professional

To record my experience of The Physio Consult, I am really fortunate to have been recommended to such experienced and knowledgeable professionals. The hospitality and dedicated focus on my every movement and training have brought about a considerable increase in my recovery of the knee in time less than what I initially anticipated. Even though I have undergone revision ACL reconstruction, I am much positive than before I was to go for surgery. Glad to come here.

Mohit Saini, IT professional

‘The Physio Consult’ is a place bit far but worth coming to heal your injuries. Dr. Vikram and his team are doing a superb job! Dr. Vikram has very good knowledge about many injuries. I was struggling with my wrist while batting and he has helped me to heal it and strengthen it. And now I can bat without pain!

Taruvar Kohli, IPL Kings XI Punjab cricket player

Our dearest Vikram and Tanvi

Our family of Milkha Singh is full of appreciation for your work and personal touch to your patients. We know you since 2013. Very helpful and excellent knowledge in your line of profession. God bless!

jeev Milkha Singh

I have been to many physio and pain management places but this is by far the best place. The places I have been in the USA are not even close to The Physio Consult. The best part is Dr. Vikram taking personal care and making a customized program for your issue.

Manish Maheshwari, USA

Hi, whatever pain I had- knee, lower back, toe, wrist (left & right) have all been cured. Thanks to Dr. Tanvi Malhotra, Dr. Vikram Malhotra and Dr. Anjali Garcha.


Awesome training and very nice and understanding staff. I had an aim to recover my range of knee in 2 weeks, but being here I just got that in a week. The physiotherapist is real professionals here and friendly too.

Kshitij, Student

Even though a clinic visit is not every person’s wish, you people make it worthwhile. Nobody needs to tell me that I will get better, I can already see the difference in myself.

Akriti Marwah, Student, Gujarat

Namashkar, main Rajshree Gajanan deole, ek grahni iss clinic ko tab se janti hun jab se apne sheshav awastha mein tha. Mere ghar mein rasoi mein khade reh kar khana banana bada mushkil tha, vajah mere ghutne, jab se main yaha aayi mere kaafi shareer ke dardo mein mujhe raahat hain, ye sabhi bade hi milansaar aur sakaraatmak urja se bhare hain, so mareej ko yaha ka vatavaran aur yaha ke doctor ka saath theek hone mein maddat karta hai. Yeh clinic utrontar pragati kare aur number 1 bane, isi kamna ke sath.

Rajshree Deole, Housewife

Hi, I have nothing but incredible staff and services. Dr. Vikram the is great physiotherapist. They are confident and I fell relaxed and comfortable throughout the appointment and treatment. Few days back my mom had been suffering from knee pain but now after the treatment sh,e feels better. And also has less pain in knees. Thank you so much for all your services and support to us. All of you are very friendly and supportive. Once again Thanks for everything. May all your dreams come true.


My experience with The Physio Consult has been wonderful. Dr VIkram, Dr Tanvi and Dr Anjali make an amazing trio. They are amongst the best therapist in the tricity. Its been years me and my family are coming here with hope and faith. And they have never let us down. Special thanks from my son who was capable of walking after 3 months only because of them. Their friendly nature, understanding and motivation makes the whole treatment process very comfortable. Besides being competent doctors, they are best human beings. God bless them all.


I am grateful to the “cute couple” doctors for the excellent and magical treatment they provide to their patients. The best part of the treatment is that you are healed to your atmost satisfaction. Nothing like the needle therapy. I am usually here with horrible pain and go back being near to perfect. Thank you!

Inayat Sandhu

My body condition was very bad and I was tired of roaming here and there before I started my treatment at The Physio Consult. Dr Vikram treated me and also motivated me. I started playing my game again which earlier seemed impossible. So I recommend people especially players to go to The Physio Consult!

Amanpreet Singh Shergill, Cricketer (IPL Kings XI Punjab)

When you set foot in this place, cheerful faces and a smoothing vibe welcome you and there half the problem is gone! Happy to have come in contact with such beautiful souls, my problem is almost gone. More than that, I feel good, I feel healed. Thank you to the entire team ! Happy healing to everyone who read this. Cheers.


Excellent training and stretching. A very friendly environment with good knowledge about postures, etc.

Dr. Supriya

Yaha aakar mujhe bohot accha laga. Yaha sabka vyavhaar bada accha laga. Mujhe yahan aakar badaa araam mila. Main sabhi ka dhanyavaad karti hoon.

Rakhi Aggarwal, Dehradun

Your neighborhood friendly physio. Happy to help in your painful moments. Knowledgeable and technically sound. Overall nice experience.

Ravish, IT Professor

Probably the best physiotherapists in the tricity. Not just saying for the “sake of saying”, but that’s what my experience says. The doctors will make you feel comfortable and will try to cure your pain ASAP

Pankhuri Madan, IT professional

Love the warm and friendly environment, it helps to heal better. the doctors and staff are very co-operative and supportive. I can express my problems and feelings very openly and feel very comfortable when I am getting my treatment done.

Anahita Handa, Student, Chandigarh

Amazing results, excellent physiotherapy, good clinic, with all new modern machines. Very professional and friendly doctors. Not only treat you but also give you full insight on the problem.

Ashish Katyal

I am suffering from a backache for the last 16 years ie disc spaces between L4-L5 and L5-S1 significantly biconvex in posterior part. I had treatment under PGI HOD Ortho Dr. Nagi and presently Dr. Goni. Had 3 epidural 8mg injections administered by professor Dr. Batra but had no relief from all above treatment. But thanks to Dr. Vikram and Dr. Tanvi, I am getting better after every treatment session here.

Ashvani Kumar Paul, Bcom LLB

I had been to this physio for 8 days when I came to Panchkula. I am suffering from osteoarthritis for about 4 years with some pains on both my knees. On doing physio exercises for these days, my pain slowly gave way. The doctors and the staff are very helping and co-operative in guiding me through the exercises. I am really thankful to them for their exercises and encouragement. I wish them all success in the field of physiotherapy.

T. Bora, Retd. Professor of Chemistry, Dibrugarh University, Assam

I had a severe back pain after suffering from typhoid. I had heard about The Physio Consult from a family friend and it was the best decision to visit this place. The trio of Dr. Vikram, Dr. Tanvi, and Dr. Anjali is extremely patient, understanding and professional. I got 80% relief from my pain in just 2 visits which allowed me to travel outstation for urgent work. Highly recommended!! Best in class…

Thank you “The Physio Consult”. You Rock!!

Raghav Bashambhu

The Physio owned by Dr. Tanvi Malhotra and Dr. Vikram Malhotra is doing very well. The service they provide to patients is very well. I am giving full marks to this couple for their jobs. I pray to the God that their Clinic will be on top one day. The couple is very hardworking. Dr. Anjali is also very sincere and doing a great job.

Satish Kumar Kakkar

Dr.Vikram has been my physiotherapist during one of the toughest moments in my life. His knowledge and understanding of a patients needs is par excellence. I vouch for his humanness in handling patients and providing a comforting touch along with immense encouragement. He knows his subject and tries all possible options to improve the  overall well being of his patients.

Ahimpreet Jurry, Belgium

I just loved coming to your place, it had been past two months when I met you all. After getting the treatment, I feel that now I will get well really soon. I loved all doctors as they are very caring and intelligent and also friendly. Thank you all so much for treating me so well. Thank you.


I came to this place after undergoing pain for almost a month. Often you find professional competence but other aspects of courtesy, care, and good ambiance are missing. In other places, you get many superficial facilities but professional competence missing.

This is the place where I found both the attribute in equal and ample quantity. Here skills match the will care matches competence and above all no false and unrealistic promises are made. This is the touchstone of excellence and professionalism.

Shashi Bhusan Kumar, Regional Commissioner Ministry of labour, Govt of India

Excellent Services !! Thanks a ton !!
Came in with a sore back and neck and within a week started seeing vastly improved mobility and the significant reduction in discomfort. I am walking out pain-free within two weeks and have learned some invaluable exercises and lessons to manage my lifestyle and posture, especially at my sitting job. Both Dr. Vikram and Dr. Tanvi have excellent bedside etiquette and are extremely caring professionals. Not only do they make you feel at home but at the same time challenge, you progressively to push yourself to do more and get better sooner. Highly recommended !!!

Ankit Sharma

The one thing I loved the most was the homely atmosphere and proper attention towards each and every patient. In spite of a lot of rush, patients never lose the attention of doctors. Dr. Vikram, Dr. Tanvi, and Dr.Anjali all are perfect and have such a good hold of the profession they are in. Loved the pampering and my treatment days. Never know would write this while coming to a clinic, but I am gonna miss the pampering and love showered upon me. Thank you for settling my light in just a couple of days.


The Physio Consult has three very caring doctors who give you personal attention and sound advice. Dr. Vikram insists that he shouldn’t have to see me again if I do my exercises properly. Just a treatment to the quality they give and the fact that they are not into the money-making racket like other physiotherapists. The doctor makes the atmosphere positive and so are the motivational ceiling posters.


The Physio Consult is the place where we can feel safe in the hands of Dr.Vikram Malhotra and Dr.Tanvi Malhotra professionals and have a great clinical sense. Our experience at ‘ The Physio Consult ‘ has been very satisfying as far as the diagnosis and treatment is concerned. Apart from the treatment, their empathy towards the patient is another healing factor. Keep it up. Good luck.

They are confident and I feel relaxed and comfortable thought the treatment. A few days back my mom had been suffering from knee pain but after the treatment, she feels better and have less pain in knees. Thank you so much for all your services and support for us. All of you are very friendly and supportive. Once thanks again for everything. May your all dreams come true.

Thank you for always listening to me , supporting me. You are a true friend and I love and appreciate you both. You are the best doctors in the world ( Dr.Tanvi and Dr.Vikram).


I feel very satisfied and happy at Physio Consult. Everyone in the staff arises humble and all are having good nature. I am thankful to all.

Sherya Aggarwal

Thanks for guidance in exercises. Wishing you all the best in future. Helping people in pain is the best way to give back to the society. All the best. God bless.

Thanks to all to give me best treatment and positive atmosphere especially to understand my injury. I feel very good here with the amazing result, the best thing I love here for getting treated. They are caring and understanding, Once again thanks to Vikram Sir and Tanvi Mam especially my friend Anjali Garcha for best suggestions. Keep going.

Prateek Joshi

Well after the month of back and leg pain. I came here and met Dr. Tanvi. I was not able to walk or even sit. But now I can do that easily. I won’t say I am completely fine but yes I have improved a lot. My pain is almost gone. All my sessions over here helped me a lot to recover. All thanks to Dr.Tanvi and Dr. Anjali. Very friendly environment and excellent doctors.


A big thanks to these guys. I still remember the day I came here, all in pain and my confidence was shattered coz of knee pain and all the so-called renowned doctors told me that surgery was compulsory. Coming here meeting Dr. Vikram, Dr.Tanvi and Dr.Anjali changed everything. Other than being perfect at their job, they are really good human beings. It’s a rare virtue that we get these days Dr.Vikram sorted out the problem medically and emotionally also. Much love to all.

Great Service, fantastic knowledge. The staff and clinic fixed me right up all the way from Toronto Canada. Dr. Vikram Malhotra and all his staff treated me with the best care. Thank you very much.

Kuldip Singh, Toronto Canada

Very positive environment. Thanks a lot to Vikram Sir, Tanvi and Anjali Maam. All my sessions went very well with proper diagnosis and treatment. Thanks again.

Abhishek Aggarwal, Infosys

Thank you for who you are what you do. More than a good doctor, I value the fact that you were a good listener and satisfy all my queries. I never thought I would be able to even tap my feet but now I can dance my way. My injury is fully cured and I have all the faith in my knee.


I always thought physiotherapy is about post recovery and something you can do at home once you the specific exercises. I suffered from frequent lower back, shoulder and neck pains. And like most people, I would go to orthopedic who would prescribe me pills which would help but after some time the pain would inevitably come back and then I met Dr.Vikram. Most of my ailments required no medicine which I had been popping for so long. All I needed was a good physiotherapist. It took me almost two weeks to recover substantially but I was immensely happy about the fact that I was not abusing my body with medicines and not running around for unnecessary scans and tests. Dr.Vikram was able to nail the root cause of the problem and it been almost two years I am pain-free. What is even surprising is that a headache which so many doctors had told me was a migraine was nothing but the postural problem.

Shreya Aggarwal