Sports Physiotherapy- Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy- Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 2018-10-30T09:28:12+00:00

The human body excels in compensation. Like the movement of water, the body takes the path of least resistance. If an aspect of movement function is compromised, the body will create a detour and recruit another area as best it can. This compensation causes dysfunctional movement. This dysfunction underlies injuries and pain.

Sports injuries in athletes may be new i.e. temporary, or chronic – that just won’t go away and continually affect their performance. The key lies in getting to the root source of the problem and our physiotherapists have the training and years of experience working with athletes (at all levels) necessary to deal with these issues. The specific injuries that are left to heal themselves can lead to chronic residual problems due to soft tissue adhesions and tightness, muscle imbalance, joint stiffness, and a deficiency in the return of normal muscle strength.

Our physiotherapists will provide patients with:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Devise a bespoke program of treatment and rehabilitation based on your injury, your goals, and your sport.
  • Advice on preventing any further recurrences
  • A full screening program if you are starting or returning to the sport.

We work in tandem with many of the top orthopedic specialists in the country and so, if needed, we can arrange a referral to the relevant physician or surgeon.

Sports Performance enhancement

Pain is the single most significant detriment to various sports performances. If you’re having pain, your performance is compromised. Thus, when working with competitive, recreational, and professional athletes, our first preference is always to eliminate their pain.

However, even pain-free athletes inevitably have neuromuscular dysfunction that directly affects their ability to perform, whether they realize it or not. Our physiotherapists demonstrate this quite readily via basic muscle testing to determine an athlete’s ability to fire certain muscles and perform specific functions. Most athletes are surprised when they feel how easily they can resist forces using specific muscles, while other muscles will seem almost impossible or quite difficult to “find.”

Why can an athlete fail a basic muscle test, and yet still perform at a high level? Simply put, the better the athlete and the better they are at compensating. That is, an athlete’s brain is exceptional at recognizing a loss of power to some specific muscles & functions and then rerouting potential to other areas instead. This can be an advantage during the performance, but if left unresolved will ultimately lead to pain and an overall loss of power output.

With our advanced therapeutic techniques & tips, we can easily identify these power leaks, find their origins, and rectify them quickly and painlessly. The results are swift; the athlete becomes easily able to “find” the particular muscles he/she couldn’t earlier, the express potential in movements where he/she previously felt weak, notice maximized ranges of motion and more.

As a side benefit, athletes can rest more comfortably knowing that the identification and correction of existing dysfunctions mean they are less susceptible to injury.