Musculoskeletal/ Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal/ Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2018-10-30T08:22:42+00:00

Our Physiotherapists are experts in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of injuries and physical conditions.

We look at the entire person with the aim of alleviating pain, restoring normal movement and providing long-term solutions to musculoskeletal problems. We take a detailed look at your history and look at your body as a whole. Your painful area is invariably the area that is compensating for a dysfunction elsewhere in your body. Utilising this approach we get long-term results for our patients and prevent the regular recurrences that plague many patients.

Please note that you may be required to undress sufficiently for your physiotherapist to properly assess the area. Furthermore, it is often necessary to assess areas surrounding the primary source of a complaint. Please wear or bring along suitable clothing to assist in this matter.

  • Following your assessment, an explanation of your problem will be given.
  • Your treatment options and a treatment plan will then be discussed with you and agreed.
  • After that, your treatment will start on your initial appointment.
  • Then your physiotherapist determines with more investigation that the physiotherapy is appropriate for you or not and prescribe you the best course of action and if necessary, arrange an onward referral.

The clinic has a strong emphasis towards manual therapy and hands on treatment, coupled with movement analysis. This is combined with structured exercises and practical advice.