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We believe that providing the proper and suitable care starts with getting the right information.

Provide best-in-class patient care through our professional providers and innovation. Care recipients are assured of the top of the line solutions through the latest techniques our medical professionals deliver.


The clinic is run by highly specialized physiotherapists in Tricity who have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological, sports-related, gynecological and lifestyle management cases.

We strive to treat each problem at its root, in order to effectively and quickly bring our patients back to their desired quality of life. We know that no two people and no two injuries are alike, which is why we customize treatment to you and your specific needs.




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What Our Patients Say About Us

Our dearest Vikram and Tanvi

Our family of Milkha Singh is full of appreciation for your work and personal touch to your patients. We know you since 2013. Very helpful and excellent knowledge in your line of profession. God bless!

jeev Milkha Singh

‘The Physio Consult’ is a place bit far but worth coming to heal your injuries. Dr. Vikram and his team are doing a superb job! Dr. Vikram has very good knowledge about many injuries. I was struggling with my wrist while batting and he has helped me to heal it and strengthen it. And now I can bat without pain!

Taruvar Kohli, IPL Kings XI Punjab cricket player

Till date the best doctors I have met, who actually explain what they are doing as a therapy. The ease of discussing the problem being tackled with the doctors is commendable and I would highly recommend anyone for any sort of sports injuries or therapies to consult here. You will defiantly learn a whole lot about your own body and how to take good care of yourself. Keep up the great work!

Aditya Goyal, Owner, Jacked Fitness

I have been to many physio and pain management places but this is by far the best place. The places I have been in the USA are not even close to The Physio Consult. The best part is Dr. Vikram taking personal care and making a customized program for your issue.

Manish Maheshwari, USA

Every pain elimination and rehab is a blend of effective treatment, root cause finding and proper guidance. You may find such combination at any other place, but the most important aspect is the mental strength and self belief to be induced in the patient to overcome the negativity and have a superb rehab. The Physio is the place and the only place to be found for such virtue. The perfect combination of medical expertise, healthy bond, caring aspect and motivating place to be. Forever I will adjudge them to be the bestest place to be for rehab (ACL rehab).

Ujjawal Ranjan, Badminton player, IT professional